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Integration Of A Travel Portal Adds More Functionality To Your Online Expense Management Software Solution

Integration of disparate business software systems has long been a complex process for many organizations. However, today, with the prevalence of online software applications built on open platform architectures which are more amenable to integration, more and more organizations should seek to gain the most they can out of these integrated solutions. In this post, we’ll concentrate on online expense management software and see how its functionality is increased due to integration with a travel portal automation software solution.

In this day and age, it is more or less a given that all our employees have a good understanding of the internet and that they would have performed simple online transactions like buying from e-commerce sites and booking travel tickets through an online portal for their personal trips.

However, when it comes to business trips, this task is outsourced to either an in-house travel bureau or an outside travel agent. Not only does this mean additional costs but it also adds an extra layer of redundancy and slows the process down. When the employees are familiar with the entire process of travel booking, why should we outsource the process? Why can’t we equip the employee with the tools he needs?

This is the reason for the integration of a travel portal automation solution with the expense management software solution. Employees can manage their travel booking themselves, and as this solution is integrated with the expense application, data can be imported directly into the expense report instead of having to be re-entered, a redundant task of data duplication that can be avoided. It also supports policy enforcement as the software can be configured to accept only those parameters and display only those results that fall under the organization’s travel and expense policy.

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